From building automation systems to electric meters, thermostats, appliances, and individual IoT sensors, smart devices of all types are now capable of communicating valuable information about their environment and operation.

Access to this data opens up new opportunities for the creation of value-added services to help businesses reduce energy consumption and cost, to identify opportunities to enhance operations through improved control and to justify and validate investments in energy savings measures

NEXUS™ brings the power of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to facility management and operations.

NEXUS™, a data-driven building management technology, provides integrated building and facility management analytics for operators, enabling them to convert data into actionable information.

NEXUS™ focuses on legacy Building Systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), by integrating legacy building operation and management systems with intelligent analytics, helping building owners and operators be more cost-efficient for Energy, Operations and Comfort.

NEXUS™ automates metadata tagging of unstructured legacy Building Automation and newer IoT Systems data using the Haystack open standard.