Case Studies

In-Building Solutions for Mobile Operators, Commercial and Residential Buildings

  • End-to-end solution from design to implementation
  • Deployment for 2G, 3G, LTE and Tetra 800 system
  • Wide Band Active and Passive solution deployment in South East Asia
  • Next Generation IP Based DAS

3G & LTE QoS Benchmarking Services for Mobile Operators

  • Providing both Outdoor and Indoor coverage for QoS Benchmarking
  • Customization of Nemo Handheld to meet the project requirements
  • Setting the standards for the Quality of Services

Nation-wide Outdoor 3G & LTE Mobile Broadband (MBB) Test

  • Providing Data Collection and Reporting Services for Mobile Operators’ Broadband Network
  • Customized and Proven Methodology for the testing of data throughput/speed to meet different local operation standards
  • Ensuring the data speed meets regulatory agencies compliance standards

WiFi Solutions – Hospitality

  • WiFi Solution Design with WiFi Access, Authentication, Reservation System Integration, UPS Power Backup & Firewall
  • Login Authentication & Billing System
  • More than 400 Access Points with wall switches for guest rooms
  • Provide Back of House (BOH) and Guest of House (GOH) networks
  • Extensive planning on location of Access Points for optimum coverage
  • WiFi access deployment
  • High performance dual-band indoor 802.11a/b/g/n Access Points
  • In-room 802.11n WiFi wall switch
  • Centralized controllers and end-to-end remote management