Enabling Growth Through Technology

Network Infrastructure (NI) is a core business unit of Nera, embodying the depth of experience, success and expertise of its parent. We offer cutting-edge and innovative Network Infrastructure strategies and solutions that empower your business to stand out from your competitors.

Our Network Infrastructure team achieves this by tapping on technology synergies across our best-in-class solutions, from paradigm-pushing products such as the Internet of Things (IoT), SDN/NFV Solutions, backbone technology such as DWDM Solutions, core IP routing with switching, state of the art Cybersecurity Solutions and Cloud Technology Infrastructure.

Such expertise and products allow us to be more than a mere solutions provider – we are your trusted Technology Partner.

IP Networks

Business growth is closely intertwined with information technology; an ever-increasing IP traffic market offers its stakeholders opportunities as numerous as the volume of data generated. With increasing mobile internet usage, demand for faster connectivity and all-encompassing WiFi coverage reveal an exciting future for IP networks.

Nera IP Networks are positioned to maximize the value of your network infrastructure by driving down costs through Converged Super Core, High-Speed Provider Edge, DCI, Metro Ethernet aggregation and CPE for service providers, government, transport, utilities and enterprise. Our decades of success is only possible through our continuous commitment to quality, continuous education and world-class customer service.

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Optical Networks

Given the demands of the digital economy and the ever-expanding reach of the Internet of Things (IoT), data centers and the cloud, solutions providers will have to provide bandwidth beyond 10G, and packet-optical technology and network speeds of over 100G will become the market standard.

Nera Optical Networks provide carrier-grade optical network platform solutions to service providers, mobile carriers, business enterprises, multi-service operators, government, transport and utilities customers from long haul, metro core, aggregation to access solutions managed by software defined intelligent control. By creating seamless and cost effective solutions, Nera offers a combination of products and expertise to meet the demands of the new digital economy.

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Broadcast Networks

The global reach of over-the-top content (OTT), digital migration coupled with 4K TV and broadband demands, drive the broadcasting industry towards innovation, partnership and consolidation.

Nera Broadcasting Networks engage in the sales, installation, maintenance and servicing of analog & digital TV broadcast networks and FM & AM radio systems for service providers and broadcasters.

Nera's focus is in analog and digital broadcasting, DTH, Cable TV, IPTV/OTT and Video Transport Solutions. Nera is committed to providing world-class end-to-end solutions to empower your business in the digital world.

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Cloud & Data Center

From cloud adoption to data sovereignty, the data center industry is experiencing a host of new change drivers, while it continues to explode with vigorous growth. Moving to Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is considered the next step in the evolution of virtualization and cloud computing, as it provides a solution to support legacy enterprise applications, cloud computing services and IoT foundations.

With a combination of VMware and OpenStack-powered cloud infrastructure and software, Nera cloud and virtualization solutions help deliver real-time virtual resources through automated, easy-to-use service portals, augmented by Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization for configuring and managing IP networks. Nera provides full turnkey design-and-build ICT data centers and server rooms that conform to world-class green design and energy savings standards.

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Network Security

An increasingly digitized economy leads to an increasing number of digital assets being created every second. As awareness of the importance and impact of safeguarding these assets grows, stakeholders are investing more resources into protecting and backing up these assets.

Nera Security solutions identify Internal & External threats/vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and enable audits and compliance in a highly uncertain and risky digital world.

Nera has expanded its product portfolio to include a comprehensive suite of industry-leading security products, including next-generation firewalls, malware protection devices, Denial-of-Service protection solutions, Deep Packet Inspection products, etc., enabling our customers to protect their networks comprehensively and effectively.

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