Mobile operators carry voice traffic from billions of subscribers worldwide. As technology continues to evolve demand for mobile data traffic has increased exponentially.

Nera offers end-to-end solutions to achieve the objectives of our clients. Our Project Management and Service Delivery Team oversees the entire solution implementation in tandem with our RF Technical Team, who in turn oversees the designing, installation, testing and optimization deliverables.

Small Cell Solutions

There is an increasing demand for higher bandwidth from mobile users, which shifts the telecommunication network focus from being coverage-limited to capacity-limited. Small cell solutions can integrate with existing network infrastructure to off-load voice and data traffic or provide additional coverage and capacity.

With Nera’s technical expertise and equipment familiarization, we help our customers implement their Small Cell Project deployments. We have provided our Small Cell services in Myanmar (Yangon and Mandalay area).


In-Building Solutions

Most of mobile communication is created inside buildings. As the demand for mobile voice calls and mobile broadband continues to grow, In-Building Solutions play a key role in the success of Mobile Operators.

Nera In-Building Solutions enable Mobile Operators to provide dedicated indoor coverage with optimized sectorization design to ensure equal distribution of network capacity. Our IBS RF Engineers are iBWave licensed and are experienced in doing indoor planning. Our team is highly qualified in the field of IBS with their expertise in 2G, 3G and LTE networks. We continue to provide our In-Building Solutions to our customers in Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines.

Network Optimization

As internet traffic continuous to grow exponentially, the role network optimization becomes increasingly important towards meeting subscribers' expectations.

Network optimization plays a vital role in maintaining and improving Mobile Operators' growing networks. Nera provides latest available smart phones for measurement and data collection, to evaluate network performance that is essential in characterizing the end-user experience.

With our RF optimization engineers' technical experience, we can easily provide solutions based on the Mobile Operators' network requirements.

Other RF Services

At Nera, we do not limit ourselves to SLAs alone to meet expectations; we seek excellence by exceeding the expectations of our customers. Some of the key milestones achieved by our team are:

  • Benchmarking outdoor and indoor signal strength for all 3 mobile operators in Singapore.
  • Mobile Broadband Testing, to verify the actual and average speeds of users who access the internet by means of 3G & LTE.
  • Ad-Hoc In-Building mobile coverage testing.