Nera Wireless Infrastructure Networks group is dedicated to provide customized solutions based on the requirements, needs and objectives of our customers. Tapping on our extensive experience and track record of success, Nera approaches each challenge with an innovative perspective grounded by years of success. Regardless of the complexity of undertaking, we are on top of it and do not limit your WiFi capabilities.

Nera Customize WiFi to your needs:

  • WiFi for carriers
  • WiFi for venues
  • WiFi for Monetizing & Marketing and etc.

Value Added WiFi services

High Speed Internet Access + Guest portal

Hospitality solutions provide seamless guest experiences through capabilities that enable tight integration with Property Management Systems and social media. Advanced QoS management also facilitates tiered and differentiated services.

Today Guest/Captive Portals are not about Landing Pages or WiFi hotspots to connect Client devices to the Internet. It has become a platform to collect information of your end clients while they are connected to your WiFi network. This enables you to understand the behaviour and preferences of your clients better, and are very useful tools for you to do targetted marketing, promotions and loyalty programs.

Location Based Services

  • Location-based services (LBS) use real-time geo-data from a mobile device or smartphone to provide information, entertainment or security.
  • Location-based services help organisations to monetise using WiFi services, by pushing correct information to the correct user at the correct spot of each venue.

Data Analytics using WiFi

Data Analysis involves inspecting, cleaning and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information and supporting decision-making.

With the integration of guest portal & location based services, Data Analytics using WiFi provides accurate information about users’ behavior and preferences. This enables organisations with more effective targeted marketing and promotions.

WiFi the technology of choice for the Internet of Things

With projections of more than 5 billion connected devices by the end of 2017 and 50 billion by 2020, the challenges facing the Internet of things (IoT) include a lack of standardization, security, integration, battery life, and rapid evolution. WiFi, in its 16th year, is getting ready for IoT and will perhaps make the most suitable network for the technology.